Hazardous Trees

(Some of the following adapted from: http://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/howtos/ht_haz/ht_haz.htm#intro)

Trees add to our enjoyment of outdoor experiences whether in forests, parks, or urban landscapes. Too often, we are unaware of the risks associated with defective trees, which can cause personal injury and property damage. Interest in hazard tree management has increased in recent years due to safety and liability concerns resulting from preventable accidents. Recognizing hazardous trees and taking proper corrective actions can protect property and save lives.

Image copyright USDA

A “hazard tree” is a tree with structural defects likely to cause failure of all or part of the tree, which could strike a “target.” A target can be a vehicle, building, power lines, or a place where people gather such as a park bench, picnic table, street, or backyard. Hazard trees can also be dead or dying trees that can lead to a significant wildfire event.

Removing hazard trees or branches can protect you, your family, or anyone else visiting your property from injury or death. Mitigating fire hazards not only protects you but your entire community as well.

We can help you identify and remove hazard trees from your property, and put your mind at ease. Please contact us for more information.


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